Ryuji Nakamura

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Ryuji Nakamura, Architect
Born in Nagano, Japan in 1972. Completed the Master Course of Architecture, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Worked at Jun Aoki & Associates. Established Ryuji Nakamura Architects in 2004. Work in Tokyo in a wide field like architecture, interior, product, and art, etc. now.
Main Work: hechima/chair, shortcut/JIN's GLOBAL STANDARD NAGAREYAMA, insect cage/DEROLL Commissions Series 1: box, catenarhythm/Space for Exhibition Ribbon Project of minä perhonen', atmosphere/Scenery for Opera 'Le Grand Macabre', blossom/Private Dining of les halles de saison sage and cornfield/Exhibition 'Whrere is architecture? Seven Installations by Japanese Architects' in Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo etc. Main Award: Good Design Award, JCD Design Award Grand Award, Competition of West Square of Kumamoto Station by Kumamoto Artpolis, Second Prize and THE GREAT INDOORS AWARD (Netherlands) etc.
中村竜治 建築家
主な仕事に、へちま/椅子、ショートカット/JIN's GLOBAL STANDARD 流山、虫かご/DEROLL Commissions Series 1: box、カテナリズム/「散歩-ミナペルホネンのリボンプロジェクト展」空間構成、空気のような舞台/オペラ「ル・グラン・マカーブル」舞台美術、ブロッサム/Private Dining of les halles de saison sage、とうもろこし畑/東京国立近代美術館「建築はどこにあるの?7つのインスタレーション」など。主な受賞に、グッドデザイン賞、JCDデザインアワード大賞、くまもとアートポリス熊本駅西口駅前広場設計競技優秀賞、THE GREAT INDOORS AWARD(オランダ)など。
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hechime 3, Tokyo, 2007
shortcut, Tokyo, 2007
blossom, Nagano, 2009
cornfield, Tokyo, 2010
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