Jurgen Bey, Studio Makkink & Bey

Ever since the beginning of mankind, we have been trying to understand the world around us. Because of our well-developed brain, we are no longer content with just taking care of the essentials: eating and reproducing. To legitimise the way we act, we are searching for answers. These answers become stories, many beautiful stories which tell us how to act and how to look and what to see. At the time Plato lived, the swing movement of a pendulum was illustrated as the struggle of a fish. The pendulum swinging, resisting its state, to eventually get tired and give up his fight, swinging less and less. One could get enraged by all the smarty pants who would not settle for this story and keep asking questions.
Photographer Kjell Sandved found the images of the man-made world in nature, on the wings of butterflies, and made them visible by filters and photography. In this project he focused on the alphabet, but with this you know that you can find every event and everybody in past and future, in a rough-resolution 2-dimensional image. The good spectator can see the world at random. The world around us can throw us into ecstasies, and it is art to see that.
We feel like explorers, travelling around the world either driven by curiosity, or sent on a mission, constantly investigating, inquiring and associating. To come back with stories, stories that are told through design for design is our language.
Studio Makkink & Bey : Jurgen Bey & Rianne Makkink -
Designer Jurgen Bey and architect Rianne Makkink have operated studio Makkink & Bey together in Rotterdam since 2002. The studio's many projects are very diverse, and include public space projects, product design, architecture, exhibition design and applied arts. Aspects like analysing the content, looking at the relationship between purpose and shape, design as a bearer of a story, and the relationship between spectators and bearers, designer and commissioner, can originate from exhibition design and architecture, but are also used in projects of other disciplines. Urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture are inextricably bound to product design. The light bulb has had an influence on architecture, the way a house is built influences its interior, a skyscraper could have never existed without the invention of the elevator.
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