Dr. Gordon McConnachie


Dr. Gordon McConnachie
Chief Technology Officer
Asia Pacific IC Centre.
Gordon McConnachie is a consultant, who specializes in the strategic creation of value from intangible assets. He holds extensive experience advising companies, educational institutions, non-governmental organisations and governments on how by effectively managing their knowledge-based assets, through innovative methodologies, they can meet and exceed expectations.
He is an affiliate of ICMG of Palo Alto, USA, a worldwide network of experts who specialize in the extraction of value from intangible assets, and is also the founding Board Chairman of the IA Centre in Glasgow, of which he is now a non-executive Director. McConnachie’s prior experiences include directing the European IAM Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers, and leading the development of the Dow Chemical IAM Process in Europe.
Since 2003, McConnachie has provided advice, mentoring and training to companies and institutions that include the IP Academy in Singapore and the Syrian Enterprise Business Centre on aspects of ICM. In 2010 he designed a short course for the China/EU IPR2 Group on creating, extracting and releasing value from IP and IC. McConnachie has 25 years of experience in Industrial Research, Business and Intellectual Capital. He has advised both the European Commission and the United Nations on aspects of ICM. His principal client base is found across Europe, China, the Middle East and South-East Asia.
McConnachie is a visiting Professor at Jinan University (Guangzhou, China) where he is presently creating a custom-designed course in applying ICM for value for their e-MBA programme. He was recently (2009) placed on the Global IAM 250 list of leading IA Strategists, one of only a handful of experts listed from China and The ASEAN Nations. 
Short version:
A founding Board Chairman of The IA Centre in Glasgow, Gordon McConnachie is an expert with 26 years of experience in industrial research, business and intellectual asset management. Recongnized as a expert in his field, McConnachie provides advice to companies, instituions and governments including the European Commission and the United Nations on a wide spectrum of issues dealing with knowledge-based assets.