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Fashion designer Eri Utsugi was born in Tokyo in 1966. After graduating from Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design in 1986, she entered the Tokyo branch of ESMOD JAPON. One year later, she flew to Paris and studied at STUDIO BERCOT. Returning to Tokyo, she built her career and started her own brand in 2001. Two years later, she won the 5th Moet and Chandon Designer Debut.
In March 2006, after one year of preparation, Utsugi started her own fashion brand, “mercibeaucoup,”, making her debut with the 2007 Autumn / Winter season’s Tokyo Collection.
Through the 2006 Tokyo Collection, mercibeaucoup, became known for apparel “people can enjoy and feel happy”. Distinguished for playing up personal eccentricity, mercibeaucoup,’s clothes induce impressions that change according to the people who wear them, and how they wear them. In the same year, mercibeaucoup,opened its flagship shop in Aoyama, Tokyo, followed shortly by another shop in Harajuku. In 2007, mercibeaucoup, opened its first overseas shop in Hong Kong.
September 2009 would see the launching of the brand’s website, as well as a new approach that favored using a movie video in lieu of a runway show to introduce mercibeaucoup,’s new Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. In July 2010, a new line called “mercibeaucoup, jevous enprie!” was created to give more people an opportunity to enjoy the mercibeaucoup, brand. In addition to this, mercibeaucoup, has collaborated with such noteworthy icons as the Peanuts comic strip, Lee, and recently, MOOMIN.
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