Andrew Ashton
Studio Pip and Co. Melbourne
Ashton graduated from the Randwick School of Design, Sydney, in 1989. In 1994 he co-founded the graphic design partnership Nelmes Smith Ashton. The partnership had several incarnations over ten years, the last being Precinct Design. During this period he developed a unique body of work in the arts and creative services sectors. In 1999 Ashton relocated to Melbourne from Sydney.
A change in geography saw a shift in Ashton’s work that embraced a local vernacular of image, message and form - the first of many half baked manifestos developed by Ashton allow the studio to continue with a concept, theory, approach, influence carry over a prolonged periods.
In 2003 Ashton established Studio Pip and Co., a small independent and collaborative practice that works with its clients to bring together strategic thinking, writing, image making and design craft. The Studio executes brand, event, digital and print projects for clients that include: Australian Graphic Design Association, Australian Paper, Australian Institute of Architects, City of Melbourne, National Design Centre and Chamber Music Australia.
Studio Pip and Co. is a lively and hard working place of work in which Ashton collaboratively works with an emerging full time designer / writer / image maker, along with a design graduate on a four to eight week internship programme. Collaborators have included Marco Gjergja, Shelley Bennett, and currently, Sarah Furzer.
Ashton’s approach is to not have a rigid aesthetic, manifesto, or strategic position. He likes to keep an open mind, experiment where appropriate and bring these insights to commercial projects.  Therefore he brings to his output a balanced approach to design and life, bringing together clients, projects, content development, research, teaching and education, philanthropy, community, ethics, friends, enemies and family.


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